Magical Imaginary Friends and Fairy Tales.

Recently, someone made a show elsewhere about how it is so great that many people in my country have no faith, and how proud they themselves are to be atheist… saying that they don’t need any magical imaginary friends or fairy tales because they have science.

There is nothing wrong with atheism, but I think the above is a common assumption that misses the point of faith. I think it derides those that have faith as stupid, or willfully ignorant of science. I do not think that is the case…

Dogma is a problem, bigotry is a problem, willful ignorance is as problem. But not faith in something itself…

Faith and religion cannot and mostly do not actually attempt to explain how the sun works or why the grass is green. Science knows nothing of spirituality, nothing that speaks to the heart.

It took me a very very long time, to realize that faith isn’t idiocy. That it isn’t, as suggested, childish belief in imaginary friends and fairy stories. That it is psychology and philosophy and heart, it can be used as a focus of intent, and it is a self-narrative that you choose to guide your steps in life. It is not stupid or crude or infantile.

As for anything with holy texts… all stories have value. We talk to each other and grow. We read what was written millennium ago and learn about the next persons private and public struggles.

People who have no religion or faith still venerate things today, though they are mundane things, easily seen and grasped and used. They still have systems they believe in absolutely, even when they venture into guess work. They still say that some spiritual concepts are true, like love, when yet science explains them as nothing more than chemical reactions.

There is no true value to me, in knowing why the spring grass is green. It is merely a curiosity fulfilled. Chlorophyll does not light up my mind with joy. The mechanics of grass are something I personally never actually needed to know, it is worthless. I can enjoy the bright green colour and sweet scent of happily growing grass feeling springy between my toes without your science, but not without my spirit…


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