Kith and Frith

I am laying in bed, my throat is obstructed by snot and I am constantly snorting to try and clear it. It is an hour before I have to wake up on a day I have off.

I am only awake at all because I want to get a train to see one of a small number of friends who I have gain since becoming, and arguably through becoming Lokean.

These are friends of  strength and substance I did not have before… one of them is a strange Christian who came to me when he knew me as only a stranger, and asked me for advice on his engagement… one of them has Thor tattooed on his chest and a rambling drunken conversation with him was part of the catalyst of my life changing quite a bit and my becoming Lokean, he has no idea about this… one I helped loose from a manipulative relationship, who I feel is seen by girls as something to spite and rival and seen by guys as something to own and use. All three became good friends by a heavy dose of truth and some upset. These are people I love. Spending a chunk of money and travelling for hours and hours to see them is more than worth it.

So, I am writing this post because this morning the thought in my head is that, somehow, with the by product of making everyone temporarily upset with, Loki keeps the frith in Asgard.

And I realize that I have never before had a group whose frith I was within Yet now I have a group wherein none of us would knowingly do anything to the detriment of another of us, though there are plenty of opportunities to do so for personal gain.

It is something I have wanted for a long time and never believed would come to me. And maybes I am merely a fool on this step, and as I have long thought, am simply destined, simply meant to be, a forever alones, or maybes I’ve finally found a slice of home…

These are my kith. I am loved, I have faith in them. This is where the frith is held.


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