My God likes to Joke

I have for a while been meaning to pour some alcohol as a thank you to Loki, for the little nudges and guidance I have received that have resulted in my life becoming much much brighter and happier than it had been before.

However I have not known what to pour, and do not have anything to pour it into. I have been thinking on what would be appropriate and appreciated for a few weeks now, but found nothing.

Last weekend I was visiting a good friend, he is a good Christian and pretty much the only person at present that knows I am Lokean and what I mean by that. We travel together to a beach. On the way there storm clouds appear and the sky goes dark and it pisses it down. The beach is still lovely. Nearby there is a castle, and a shop beside the castle that sells replica weaponry and LARP gear. My friend is just beginning to LARP so we go to this shop, but there is no LARP stuff inside today. My friend points out that there is however, allot of mead, which I absolutely love, but sadly cannot drink due to a sulphite intolerance. The mead nearest me is named Sunna, there is another named Aegir.

The man behind the counter hears my friend remark on the mead, and starts a marketing pitch. So I listen politely to the story of something I want but cannot have and thus have no use for: The mead is made by a  real druid in exclusive small batches of only 200 bottles each… he makes it by blah blah blah, and the special process is blah blah blah, so it contains no sulphites.

Wait… is this mead I can drink?!

The man sees my face light up at that, and brings from behind the counter four bottles and two small tasting cups. He first gives me something named Skadi, which is floral and lacks the traditional warmth of mead. Then he gives me Freyja which is just sweet and pleasant, and deceptively strong in alcohol. Then Sunna which I cannot remember the taste of. Then Ageir which is lovely and glows with orange and tea, a strange mixture but very nice. Like a favourite memory. I want to buy a bottle of this last one, and plan to make a toast to friendship on a dark night around a campfire with those closest to me.

As I am tasting, I notice the naming convention… I wonder if I should ask if a batch called Loki was ever made, but think better of it, thinking that either the druid would avoid such controversy or that it would have been a batch made long ago.

This is one of the times when I should have spoken my mind and not been reticent, I am currently being mentored about these times…

So the man behind the counter then starts to tell me about his absolute favourite, a special batch that was out last Christmas. Four months ago, so obviously all gone. It was made with molasses, dark and sweet, and made with spices, deep and warm and exciting. This, is my ideal mead. It sounds like it would be my absolute favourite too. I badly want to taste it. If I could still get it I would have bought this without a second thought and I would drink it even if it had sulphites. It would have been something fitting to pour out in offering.

I know then, before the man continues, EXACTLY who it is named after… my friend sees the realisation and want dawning on my face and begins to chuckle. The man tells me how they had allot of trouble with this particular batch, and ended up making it a few times as it wouldn’t behave. The man behind the counter pauses, smiles, and then says ‘They called that one Loki’

I throw my hands up in the air and laugh, my friend shakes with it. Absolutely typical. The rest of the day is spent breaking out into giggles about it and grinning.

I find a small goblet in a charity shop later, apparently I shouldn’t have thought too hard about the container if I am going to be heartfelt about the contents.

I later find a batch of Loki on the net, it was from the troublesome batch and hence is not spiced, but it will be delicious and a good offering all the same. Mayhaps I can spice it myself. (I have half a mind to put all the chilli in it to get my own back).

Loki is not all fun and games, far from it, but he loves to joke.

With love, Saelyx.


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