There is something in the Havamal about friendship…

(actually there is allot in there about it. the following is ramblings on day to day stuff)

There are many people here I know, and many would call them self a friend of me, but few I trust to be a friend. One asks me to do them a favour six days long… It is hassle, but I would do so for a friend… but before I can reply that I will, they think to ply me, offer me money for the deed, which makes it not something done as a friend for a friend but as a server for an employer.

Friends help each other, they do not bribe each other. There is no payment for friendship other than friendship.

I do the favour, six days long, and at the end I am thanked for my time, and given sweets as gift. I have half a problem with retaining memories, so perhaps it was thought I would forget the payment promised for service.

I will not ask for it, nor remind them about it. It was not something I needed.

The toffee is cheap, but tastes really nice, I am eating it for breakfast today. It would have been much better if nothing at all was offered and the sweets were a nice surprise. I do not place high value in a friendship that thinks friendship can be bought and bribed, nor hopes its promises are forgotten. I have allot of these around me.

It is better I think, to have a small number of friends who would offer you nothing except to fight by your side. I have these too, and nothing is worth more to me. I count myself as truly rich when I spend time with them, and nothing gladdens my heart more.


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