When the Wayfarer cant Will the Weather Away

Its like having been rained on, and being cold and everything being damp and not nice. And there is a light mist still coming down saying you are going to keep being cold and damp. And you know that if you don’t get inside and get in the warm you will become ill and hurt, and the only way forwards is to keep walking.

But there isn’t really a warm inside place with walls to keep the cold winds out and a fire to dry off with, there is nowhere to go.

And so the weather slowly gets worse… the breeze picks up and starts to blow hard, and you persevere. The rain gets heavier, turns to sleet, and stings like tiny barbs of ice, and you push on because its the only thing you can do.

But you are cold to your stomach, soaked through your skin, you hurt in your bones and you are exhausted. But you aren’t allowed to stop. If you stop you are stuck in the rain forever. If you keep on going, keep on for days, keep on for years, maybes you will get to be dry and warm again, for a while.


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