People are people too.

Something I am learning, and trying to live by.

No matter who they are. No one is just a cardboard cut out for whatever you want to project onto them.

Even if you glance at some stranger in the street and your mind lazily catagorises them as an oversimplification of what it can guess from their presence, which is normal for the mind to do, they are still people with depth and thoughts beyond your own. They are still entire other universes of belief and hopes and wants and imaginings.
They will be more complete as people in some areas than you are, better than you are at some things, they will have skills that you don’t, and know what you do not.

Knowing that, if you dismiss everyone who does not fit within your societal tribe, whatever that may be, then you are missing out.
You, lose.
You don’t get to interact with all of these wonderful other universes.
You are just stuck with faded echos of yourself.

Even if you don’t agree with their choices, their ideas, or where they have ended up in life, they are still as worthy of consideration as the next person.
Those who you would silently look away from and socially shun, those who have not wrought harm or danger to others, yet you hold in subconscious disgust, they are still as worthy of humanity.
Of respect.

Learn and remember that, try to employ it in your actions and thoughts.
The next person is human.

~ For myself and Loki ~
With Love.


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