Someone asking me about me, because they want to know, someone I can trust to discuss me, someone being receptive and respectful of what that is, tolerant and accepting the previously unknown and newly revealed parts of me and loving those too… I now have that someone.

There are others, who have minds that work similar to mine that I can share ‘knowings’ with, with only a glance, or those who know old old jokes and stories and things from the far past. There are those whose concern, friendship, or general messing around are special to me, each different, each very important, as important to my life and happiness, but none that have had impact on my life like this…

I could not have gotten to this place alone. I would have stayed floundering, or washed up on the shore.

And so I am grateful of the journey.

First I started to become me, then my life started. And here I am, now in an awesome place that feels like home, full of my stuff, where my altar has ended up in the front room because hey, I don’t have to hide any aspect of myself, this is my domain… and I share it with this person who is more to me than I ever expected or believed any human would ever be.

I have come further that I have thought there was even space to go…. And are still many lands in front of me to explore, and many many things to learn and delight in.

With love, Saelyx.




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