Background noise.

In our lives there are a lot of background messages. Telling us how to be, who we should  be, how we should be living.

This interference changes how we navigate the world. When we make judgments, decisions, or plan pathways, it is seldom that these messages do not in some way guide or steer us.

They can be the general coercion of the media, society, a subculture, a community. They all have their own set of rules regarding how the ideal member of that group should be.

So when you turn to yourself and ask ‘What should I do, how should I react in this situation?’ A large part of your own answer will be the voices of this interference. Not your own self, but that self others would have you be. A decision skewed to benefit an illusion produced by your surroundings, rather than resolving your issue. Trust in yourself becoming something you must earn from other people.

There are many ways to subvert this, and blot out the interference of the world trying to change you. Having incredibly strong will is one. I am not that strong. Constantly retraining your thoughts is another, to correct the faulty code coming into your system. But it requires constant vigilance, and it is not possible to always have your guard up. Another choice is to choose your own background music, find a thing that you are comfortable having some steerage in your life. Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it resonates with you. If you have a good understanding of that thing, it can reinforce you.

And idea, a place, a thing, a wish, a dream, a character from a story. All these are as good a moral worldly grounding as the media, a career, a scene, a religion.

A mental guide to keep you on the right path is whatever path you plot for yourself to reach yourself, and whatever guide you name.

If you name no guides, then the world chooses for you, your spirituality becomes something imposed upon you. One size does not fit all.

Mine is a understanding from an old old story trying to catch light from half forgotten embers. I call this reference my mentor. I call this reference Loki.

With Love,




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