Nettle Grasper

Basically psychology: if it works, repeat as needed.

I have somehow given someone the impression that you are forgiven and comforted when you show sorrow, and all you need to do fr forgiveness is show the appropriate amount of sorrow for the situation. They themselves have then moved on to the idea that if you do not have that inspiration already, all you need to do is reach out and grasp something painful. And then the self inflicted nettle sting tears well up and grant you innocence.

That someone seriously upset themselves yesterday, as a way of gaining my forgiveness for something unrelated to their purposefully self inflicted grief.

A foolish move and a shitty one.

They were not forgiven for the previous thing, nor did they receive coddling for the grief. They were talked through it in the best way to resolve that grief, not with reinforcement of it, but with gentle guidance towards resolving it.

They say they do not know why they went and grasped the painful thing, right when they thought they needed more currency of sadness to earn my forgiveness.

I do. And I am not impressed by the attempted manipulation from someone who does not know themselves nor ever tries to look.


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