The Others

There are people I would have long conversations with. People I could learn a lot about life from. People where upon meeting we recognise something in each other, and become friends quicker than time would agree. Then we are just as quickly moved from each others paths.

These people, I can conceptually say I see old Lightening and Thunder in. The fallen and the true. Again people I would not have met if not for my lethani. People who I think I can best describe as maybes a spiritual link. The recognition may be a knowing.

I crave discussion with these people. To know how they became who they so obviously are. What shaped them. Why I recognise them. To open their skulls and much on the tasty tasty- I mean scoop out their secrets. These are the kind of people I’d like to get at the wiring of, and also the people I feel totally at ease around. Few and far between, but there somewhere on the distant outskirts. Faintly the gjallerhorn sounds.

It is perhaps better that I do not get to close, deep bonds would be just as prone to rending by circumstance, and a severed artery is wildly different from a paper cut capillary.

Their minds speak with a similar accent, the cogs whir with the same beat.


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