From the moment we are born, people tell us stories.
Stories that tell us who we are, and what the world is like, and how everything works.
People continue to tell us stories as we grow, they tell us how we should be, and what we should think the truth is.
Some stories are passed down through generations, some are invasive through media and culture, some are taught to us. Some stories are weak and die out, others are iron clad. They veil the world around us, and bring us to reality beyond our immediate reach through a warped lense.
Until these become the stories we tell ourselves ‘I deserve’ ‘I am not good enough’ ‘It isnt something that really matters’, they become the rules we live by, the units we fit into, our reasoning and the justification for the choices we make.
We begin to make stories up about our own experiences, to add structure and understanding to parts of the world where we don’t already have a story that fits, then we pass that story on to those around us.
No one is above the power of memetics.
Always we are looking out through this story.
Those we see as outsiders, are not among the main characters in our book, and the stories they have heard do not completely match our own.
We see their story, and judge this alien thing through what we know of our own. But as an alien thing, we can’t understand it using our own world rules.
Those we are separated from or in conflict with because of this lack of understanding, can become part of and expand our own web of stories, our own world, by sharing experiences and therefore the origin of thought patterns.
There are those who do not want to share, do not want to acknowledge that other people have lived through different narratives. These people are scared that their own narrative is flawed, and that they will lose power or stability by opening it to question.

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