The tame and the feral


The social contract is to shut the fuck up and not stand out. To play along with someone elses deadly game. A game rigged against you to keep you tame, keep you numb and quietly entertained. Striving for things that don’t matter, all that glitters is shit.

And those that go against that savage grain, are not invited into society. You have to be dogged and dull of wit to stay in a cage, so you are wolfish if you cannot be contained. You are menace, and mischief at night, dark of woods, farmers blight. You question the worth of their palaces high, their handheld crowns, and show up the lie.

Just flash and fripperery, no better than birds, fanning their feathers for the rest of the herd. No higher than base nature, they strive to ignore, for saiety, for sex, for warmth and no more. When you sell your bones, your teeth and your claws, when you sell your hearing, your eyesight and all, what more can you do but be led, but look to others for handling? You who have bled for nothing?

And dutifully do you play, a game set up to keep you tame, keep you quietly numb and entertained, as they suck out your sap.

Fuck. That.



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