She had been thinking if there was a healthy way to disengage.
Trying to plan some sort of amicable parting.
You had a minor argument today, and later you went to her again about it.
She needed to be left alone today, but you wouldn’t.
She tried to remove herself from the situation before she said anything deconstructive.
You blocked her path.
She tried to force her way passed and you grabbed her.
She fought to get free and you grabbed her.
She screamed for you to let her go again and again, and you screamed she couldn’t leave.
She started to physically flail and hit you but you still wouldn’t let her go.
She got her phone out to call someone and only then did you let her go…

Now she is at a friends, and she is not OK, and she will never let it happen again.

We guess the choice has been made now. The veil torn away revealing the sickness beneath.
An immediate end to this.

And now she is homeless.


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