Eyes of the green monster

There is a friend who I have hung out with maybes all of twice alone. It wouldn’t quite capture the root of the thing to say we are close,  more the turnings of our thoughts run down similar lines, so we are comfortable with each other, so we understand each other, and we are those who are not often understood.

Whenever I have hung out with this friend and others, there has been jealousy from the others. From all the partners I have had whilst also knowing this friend, because they do not know the turnings of my thoughts and are scared that I am close in ways they don’t understand to someone they erroneously consider competition. From friends of friends who have told lies about me behind my back to bring my standing down in the eyes of the world, because they wanted to catch my friends gaze and erroneously consider my their own competition. And lastly by those fuckers who always want to be the centre of the attention and never let anyone else be more interested in any conversation than their bleating.

No one can break this with their pettiness. And its no one else’s business what sort of friendship we have, though no more than friendship has transpired.

I certainly don’t have to justify, to the person who made me fear for my safety, why I am going to see my best friend a day early.



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