I feel I’ll have something important to add to this soon.

Last weekend I met wolfbrother and we we went to listen to a man talk about the turning of mind behind his creation of song that resonates with the soul. We went drinking. We went to thrash about in the calling of our unreleased selves and build power. (I understand some people may also call this a heavy metal concert, but that is rather missing the point.). We went drinking again. He went erranding. I went roaming. I spoke to people and grew, I realised I had grown in a weekend what I wouldn’t have in a year otherwise.

Tonight we are separated by location. Both of us left for town to go drink again, not yet ready to leave behind the essence of our short visit. We both got drunk. He told me he was not saited from our weekend. I told him I was not done either. He said to call him, with a lure and a warning in the question. Then said he would call me, then thought better of it, deciding he was too stupid to speak then.

I had in small part during the night been speaking in the least deep of ways about him with others who will not meet.

I wonder where the fear of mangling his words has come from and what else runs parallel.



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