Patience. How many times must someone forgive a person who hurts them. Or should one accept that the shortcomings of another, unavoidable for all, are just as the shortcomings in themselves?

From one person a promise to call and talk supportively, a declaration of intent. Then apologies for lack of time. Then calls to your housemate.
From another a reply to a conversation about being sad you missed out on rock climbing because of work with a mention that they have two free passes to the same place… followed by them telling you that they think they will ask the dude form work if he wants to come with them, and that its not really his thing but he may be up for it.
From another a panicked assertion of control claimed for safety reasons, resulting in pushing you out beyond all hope of safety or stability, alone in the dark before morning, in the dangerous parts of the docks.
From another two the utterance of love and care and the actions of someone who sees me as an object failed and gone wrong. Now half forgotten. Irrelevant.
Past professions of her death wish for me.

The people I have loved deeply.

Should I continue to show patience with them, through my lack of faith in any member of the human race, because they too are human as I am? Can I continue to believe in them? Is it worth trying to?


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