I spoke on the phone to my Mom, who was, by and by, irritating and illogical. But I blathered on to her about my business plans in retaliation, and she said she believed that I was sincerely trying to make this work. I told her I can’t forward business plans until I have money. It’s going to cost me a chunk of cash to take each step forwards.

I said that no matter what shitty horrible job I end up with, I have hope because I have plans, and I am going to save some money each week to go towards the business (in my brain this was a tenner). It was like an oath.

As soon as I put the phone down, I got a job offer. Someone dropped out of the temp role I had just missed out on the first time. I am a life saver for being available tomorrow and replying super quickly. It is £10 an hour.

Can’t help but feel like someone was listening, and they are calling my bluff.



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