I was wondering where and how people found small dead animals, because I wanted a few small bones for crafts.

I found a shrew about 10 mins later, but talked myself out of picking it up.

Then over the next day or two I was thinking about buying some ready cleaned small bones and maybes a bird skull to make things with instead.

I then found two jays on my walk home. One with a crushed skull, one with an intact skull…

I wussed out at first.

Then I went back at twilight and picked them up. Took their wings and their feet and the intact skull. They are now in a salt bath till I have time to clean them tomorrow… there are just enough bones for the thing I want to do with them… like a special delivery. They were just close enough to home for me to go back and pick up.

I feel like I have been given the materials for another lesson in being myself.

With Love x


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