I was then found a cracked badger skull missing most of it teeth, by people who had read about the jays. (The jays still aren’t finished, but it is a learning process, and nothing as yet stinks bad).

Then later the next day in the same sort of area, I found myself a fox skull with pretty much all of its teeth. If the fox cleans up well I am thinking of putting it on the (not)altar after maybes arting it a bit.

Both of them are currently in a peroxide bath to sterilize (I hope) and we will see what happens with them.

Whilst I don’t believe that either of the animals need their bones anymore, and their meat has already returned to the earth and the creepy wiggly things at the bottom of the food chain, I still think the form itself should be respected… here is a reminder of a thing that was once wild and free, a thing that is not human, a thing that lived between the cracks in our tyranny. Not of us, but of the world we constantly destroy in our malice and obliviousness, something real, and for that, worthy of respect.

Also, one of those people said I smile like I am in on the joke…


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